Comparative Genomics & Animal Evolution (CGAE)


Our group does research in the field of comparative genomics and animal evolution. Topics include: Molecular systematics of arthropods and birds, comparative mitochondrial genomics of Bilateria, comparative genomics of vertebrates and arthropods (evolution of gene families, gene order / exon-intron structure), Evolution of parasitic Crustacea. Teaching includes courses in the frame of master programme "Organismic biology, Evolutionary Biology and Palaeontology", e.g. Molecular Phylogenetics, Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics.




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CGAE participates on Leibnitz graduate school

Our group is part of an initiative to sequence a flock of insect genomes as part of the Graduate School on Genomic Biodiversity Research (GBR), granted by the Leibnitz association. More information here.

Winter term 2012/13 course "Phylogenetic methods" is finished now

This was a joint event between Inst. Evol Biology and Museum König (Lars Podsiadlowski / Christoph Mayer). Next course will be held January / Febuary 2014







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Institut für Evolutionsbiologie & Ökologie, An der Immenburg 1; 53121 Bonn; Telephone +49-(0)228-735159 (L. Podsiadlowski)